Deluxe Can Full Of Easter Candy (60 Pieces)

Deluxe Can Full Of Easter Candy (60 Pieces)

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Item Description

Finding an Easter gift for someone who wants the candy without the Easter Basket can be difficult! That's why we highly recommend this deluxe can of Easter candy! Each can has the Easter egg hunt candy that you know and love, but just without having to look for it! This can of bulk Easter candy has brands you know and love like Reese's, Zitner, M&M's, and other big brand name candy that every recipient will enjoy. There may even be a few fun novelty candy treats inside too!

  • Each can of bulk Easter candy has around 60 pieces of wrapped, brand name candy.
  • Brands you may find in your gift tin: Reese Eggs, Pez Easter, Peeps, Twizzlers Spring Mix, Tootsie Frooties, Wonka wrapped items, Hershey wrapped items Cadbury Crème, Egg Zitner Egg, Jelly Beans Fruit 10oz, Fun Dip, Kit Kat, just to name a few! The assortment will vary from can to can, but each will contain brand name candy!
  • Like all of our candy, you can rest assured that each can is packed with fresh candy at the Blair Candy Headquarters!

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