Cough Drops


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Cough Drops

Being congested and coughing is never a fun time. Having a cough drop or two on hand can help you feel relief quickly. Blair Candy has plenty of cough drops that are ready to order the minute you feel symptoms. Choose from classic brands you know and trust, such as Honees or Luden's cough drops , to stop symptoms. Or, shop brands such as Halls or Vick's cough drops, to sooth a sore throat and stop that cough.

Like most of our products, we offer cough drops in wholesale candy sizes for your convenience. Stock up on wholesale candy products before cold season to keep at home, work, or school for relief when you need it. As we carry all of the brands you love, like Luden's cough drops, Honees, or Vick's cough drops, you'll never run out. Shop now to get all of the cough drops you need before that cough!