Can of Nostalgic Candy 60 Pieces!

Can of Nostalgic Candy 60 Pieces!

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We can't think of a better nostalgic candy gift to give and receive! In addition to being one of the best retro candy gifts we've ever seen - already packed up and just waiting for a bow on top - chances are good you'll give the lucky recipient not only some classic sweets, but a trip down memory lane as well. And somewhere in the fusion of the two lies the magic of nostalgic candy.

  • 60 assorted pieces of retro candy inside each reusable tin. Product Can Change due to availability 
  • The assortment will vary due to product availability, but your neatly packaged 'Can of Nostalgia' might include : Abba Zabba; Bun Vanilla; Candy Buttons; Chunky; Good & Plenty; Mason Dots; Milk Duds; Necco Wafer Assorted; Sky Bar; Sugar Babies; Sugar Daddy; Zagnut; Zero; Slap Stick; Candy Necklace; Hot Tamales; Lemon Heads; and Peanut Chews; Candy Cigarettes; Chiclets Peppermint; Teaberry Gum; B B Bats; Atomic Fireballs; Caramel Creams; Chic-o-Stick; Jaw Breakers; Mary Janes; Squirrel Nut Zippers; Sixlets; Dubble Bubble Gum; and Rootbeer Barrels.

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