Candy Cane Selections


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Candy Cane Selections

Christmas candy canes are a much treasured and cherished classic holiday candy. No one is sure how they came to be, although one of the first recipes for this winter treat was published in 1844, while the candy itself was first mentioned in literature in 1866. No matter when these delicious peppermint candy canes first entered the holiday season, they remain the most popular kind of candy of the season. At, we stock a full assortment of candy canes for all kinds of candy lovers.

At, we honor the candy tradition by carry a full selection of Bob's Candy Canes. Bob's has been manufacturing candy canes since 1919 and has certainly perfected the art of producing the tastiest curved confectionery. For the little ones in your life, try our selection of mini candy canes. These candy canes feature the same great minty flavor in a miniature size cane. We also carry some of your favorite candy that features a candy cane twist, like our candy cane Tootsie Pops and Candy Cane flavor Peeps. No matter how you prefer this wonderful Christmas treat, we have what you need right here at!