School Candy & Snacks


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School Candy & Snacks

When the school season starts, candy and snacks are a necessity. Blair Candy has all the bulk snack food variety you need as well as delicious treats to keep the kids going throughout the day. Explore all of the options we have in stock!

During a hectic morning where everyone is in a rush, it is great to have Pop Tarts on hand for a quick and filling breakfast. When it comes to snacks, savory options like Combo's, Keebler Cheese & Peanut Butter Crackers, and Lance Whole Grain Crackers are a lunchbox favorite. Sweet and salty snacks like Reese's Snack Mix and Hershey's Snack Mix are a wonderful and energizing treat for kids to have after eating their lunch. Tasty gummy candy – like Haribo Alphabet Letters or Mini Rainbow Frogs – is bright and fun! Gummies are a special treat for well-behaved kids.

We also carry lollipops in bulk that are wonderful to share. Lollipops are especially welcome at school during fundraisers, so be sure to stock up on our wide assortment of fun lollipops.

For more of all your favorite candies and snacks for school and special occasions, keep shopping with Blair Candy, an experienced wholesale candy retailer!