Chocolate Easter Egg Choices


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Chocolate Easter Egg Choices

There's nothing better than enjoying a classic chocolate egg during springtime! Blair Candy has plenty of chocolate Easter eggs for you to choose from, so you can fill everyone's Easter basket, including your own!

Reese’s Easter eggs are among our most popular spring selections. This is due not only to their amazing chocolate peanut buttery taste, but also to their variety! You can get king-sized Reese's eggs, Reese's creme eggs, and a giant Reese's Peanut Butter egg! We almost can't handle that much deliciousness!

In you're in the market for Zitner’s butter cream eggs this Easter, you're in luck again! Among our Zitner's butter krak, cocoanut, and peanut butter Easter eggs, you won't know which kind to get (hint: all of them)!

Other yummy chocolate Easter egg selections here include Cadbury eggs, Whopper mini robin eggs, Hershey's gold Easter candy eggs, and Gardner's chocolate eggs in a variety of types, including butter cream, peanut butter, and fruit and nut.

Make it an Easter to remember this year with some scrumptious Easter Hershey candy or other chocolate Easter eggs from Blair Candy!