About Us

Hey there, candy lovers! Welcome to Blair Candy, where our journey is as rich and sweet as the treats we sell. Sit back, grab a snack, and let us take you on a trip down memory lane, from our humble beginnings to the vibrant, bustling business we are today.

The Sweet Beginnings

Our story starts way back in 1939 when Pat Dandrea had a vision. He purchased a small newsstand. This little gem was nestled at 914 Green Avenue in Altoona, and it served the charming “mom and pop” stores scattered throughout the area with candy and tobacco. With just two employees and a trusty delivery truck, Pat got to work.

As word spread and business boomed, it became clear that Blair Candy needed more space. So, Pat moved the operation to a larger warehouse on 7th Avenue. Pat’s hard work paid off, and soon enough, he needed a bit more help to keep things running smoothly.

Family at the Core

Ron and Terry, Pats two sons, who jumped into the family business in the early 1950s. Together, they embraced their father’s strong work ethic, commitment to quality, and passion for exceptional customer service. The business flourished, becoming a well-known name in Blair County.

Working alongside his sons was a dream come true for Pat, and these were the best years of his life. Tragically, in 1955, Pat and his wife Jessie were killed in an automobile accident. Ron, at 20, and Terry, at 21, were left to carry on the legacy. With grit, determination, and the skills their father had taught them, the young men managed not just to sustain but to grow Blair Candy.

Overcoming Challenges

The business wasn't the only thing growing; both Ron and Terry were starting families of their own. Ron married Joanne Cody in 1955, and they had three children: Patrick, Pamela, and Ronald. Terry married Annette Francis in 1956, and they also had three children: Michele, Terrence, and Trace. The future seemed bright for both the family and the business.

But life had other plans. In 1962, during a routine wisdom tooth extraction, Terry was tragically over-anesthetized and passed away. He was only 28, leaving behind his wife and young children. Grief-stricken but resolute, Ron continued to steer the business forward, with the invaluable help of his friend Bill Ajay.

In the late 1960s, Ron and Bill expanded the company’s offerings to include paper supplies, allowing them to serve their customers even better. As supermarkets began to replace small stores, Blair Candy adapted, servicing larger stores like A&P, Weis Markets, and Wissinger’s IGA. One of the most exciting developments was becoming one of the first suppliers for Sheetz stores, marking a significant milestone in our growth.

Adapting and Thriving

However, the road wasn't always smooth. Economic challenges hit hard when we lost our two biggest customers: Wissinger’s IGA and Sheetz, the latter expanding beyond our distribution area. These setbacks represented a massive 40% loss of our gross sales. But, true to our resilient spirit, we diversified our product lines, including bingo and games of chance, and broadened our customer base geographically.

By 1996, it was time for a new generation to take the helm. Ron and Joanne passed the torch to their children: Patrick, Ronald, Pamela, Terry’s son, Terry and longtime employee Don Fazenbaker. They faced new challenges like increased competition, declining tobacco use, and changing legislation. In 1999, in a bid to boost sales, Pat and Terry opened a retail tobacco outlet called Nic’s Tobacco Outlet, which has since grown to multiple stores across central and western Pennsylvania, with Blair Candy as the main supplier. At that time, Terry brought his younger brother Bill into the company as our controller. Billy set out to restructure our company finances, HR department and our sister company Nic's Tobacco.

Embracing the Digital Age

With the turn of the millennium came new opportunities. In 2000, Pamela, Ron’s daughter launched Blaircandy.com, our online store featuring a wide array of candy products, from Hershey bars to nostalgic favorites like Chick-O-Sticks and Satellite Wafers. We also created a new wholesale program online to better serve candy retailers across the USA.

As Blaircandy.com and Nic’s Tobacco Outlet grew, our old building on 7th Avenue couldn’t keep up. It had no loading docks and narrow aisles, making operations challenging. On June 1, 2012, we moved to a spacious 48,000 square foot facility on Beale Avenue, complete with eight loading docks, vastly improving our efficiency and capacity.

The Next Generation Comes Forward

2024 marked another important milestone in our company's history.  Not only do we celebrate our 85th birthday, but we celebrate the fourth generation of our family running the operation. With Pat retiring, his son, Michael Dandrea and Pam's son, Vince Macharola, have taken ownership roles within the company alongside Terry and Pam. Today, we are proud to have seven family members fully involved in day to day operations.

A Team Effort

Through all the ups and downs, one thing has remained constant: our incredible team. The hard work and dedication of our employees have been the backbone of Blair Candy’s success. Their product knowledge and commitment to customer satisfaction ensure we ‘deliver the goods’ every day.

Looking to the Future

For over 85 years, Blair Candy has been a cherished part of the Blair County community. We’ve weathered storms and celebrated successes, always with an eye on the future. Our commitment to hard work, quality products, and exceptional customer service remains as strong as ever. Whatever lies ahead, we’re ready to meet it head-on, armed with our history and prepared for the future.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Here’s to many more years of sweet success!


Meet Our Team & Owners


terrydandrea.jpeg mikedandrea.jpeg
Terry Dandrea

Mike Dandrea


pammacharola.jpeg vincemacharola.jpeg

Pam Macharola

Vince Macharola


billajay.jpeg joannepompa.jpeg

Bill Ajay

Joanne Pompa
Manager, Accounts Payable


carleenthomas.jpeg jarrodkennedy.jpg

Carleen Thomas
Manager, Accounts Receivable

Jarrod Kennedy
Warehouse Manager


kylemish.jpg karenheverly.jpg

Kyle Mish
Manager, Data Entry / IT Specialist

Karen Heverly
Internet Sales Coordinator


kortneydively.jpg laurahoffman.jpg

Kortney Dively
Internet Customer Service

Laura Hoffman
Accounts Receivable / Internet Processing


nickcastellucci.jpg adamkost.jpg

Nick Castellucci
Sales Manager

Adam Kost
Sales Team


wadekissinger.jpg annetteajay.jpeg

Wade Kissinger
Wholesale Warehouse

Annette Ajay
Internet Customer Service


cindymock.png billyajay.png
Cindy Mock
Customer Service Rep - Sales Counter
Billy Ajay
Order Processing Manager


Todd Koelle
Paper Division Manager/Buyer