The Man Can! - Can Full Of Man Candies & Snacks!

The Man Can! - Can Full Of Man Candies & Snacks!

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Shopping for the best candy gift basket for men and finding most of them are overpriced or not-quite-right? That's why we created The Man Can! This unique snack gift basket is actually a gallon-size paint-style can brimming with some of our most guy-friendly goodies. We spend a ton of cash on candy gift baskets for men that are full of filler when you can gift him The Man Can, absolutely packed with sweet and savory treats? Unlike a traditional snack gift basket, ours is stocked with nothing but edible awesomeness!

  • 29 Brand Name, Full-Size Candies and Snacks in each tin
  • Treats Include, but can change: M&Ms Peanut, Red Fish, Twizzlers, Slim Jims, Planters Cashews, Planters Heat Peanuts, Planters Smoked Almonds, Breathsaver Mints, Combos Buffalo Blue Cheese, Wrigley's Big Red Gum, Giant Kosher Pickle, Jack Links Big Beef, Trail's Best Teriyaki Stick, Trail's Best Salami, Benzel's Hard Pretzels & Aviator Poker Cards
  • The Man Can is stocked with only the freshest candy and snacks right here at Blair Candy Headquarters!

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