Zitner's Coconut Cream Eggs (24ct)

Zitner's Coconut Cream Eggs (24ct)

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Wondering what makes Zitner candy so special? Take one bite of these Zitner’s eggs and you’ll have your answer. Here at Blair Candy, we smile with every box of Cocoanut Cream Zitner's eggs that comes in and just-as-quickly goes back out the door! If you're a fan of Zitner eggs, you already know there's nothing that compares to their long-thread creamy cocoanut enrobed in rich, high-quality chocolate perfection. That cheerful bunny on the box knows a thing or two about the best Easter candy, and we're oh-so-happy he's willing to share!

  • 24 individually wrapped coconut cream eggs in each box
  • Zitner candy has been delighting candy-lovers for over 90 years!
  • Zitner eggs are 1 1/8 oz. each
  • We also offer Zitner's Butter Krak, Double Coconut and Peanut Butter eggs!
  • Made by Zitner's in the USA

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