Zitner's Butter Krak Eggs 8 Count (Unwrapped)

Zitner's Butter Krak Eggs 8 Count (Unwrapped)

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Item Description

What do you get when you combine sweet creamery butter, quality dark chocolate, long-thread coconut and toasted coconut? We know, we know! You get Zitner Butter Krak eggs, and you only get them once a year! Zitner's eggs are all that is right with the world wrapped up in a sweet candy shell. For many, they are to be shared so that all can enjoy the delight. For others, they are to be secreted away to make the magic last long after the Easter Bunny has hopped away. Luckily, at Blair Candy we offer Butter Krak eggs for a great price that makes stocking up easy. Because as the reviews below will show you, one box ain't gonna cut it!

  • 8 Zitner's eggs in each box
  • A nostalgic favorite of many, these can be described as a chocolate covered butter cream/cocoanut mix. Or, you know, taste bud heaven
  • New packaging for 2014
  • Made by Zitner's in the USA

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