Zotz Assorted HOB - 6.4oz

Zotz Assorted HOB - 6.4oz

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Get ready to experience a classic candy that's been delighting taste buds for generations - Zotz! These sour hard candies with fizz are a unique and fun treat that have been a favorite of candy lovers since they were first introduced to the U.S. in 1968.

Originally made in Italy, Zotz candies come in a variety of flavors, including watermelon, orange, apple, blue raspberry, cherry, and grape. Each candy has a sour and sweet flavor that's sure to make your taste buds pucker, and a fizzy center that adds an extra layer of excitement to every bite.

The individually wrapped assortment of Zotz candies is perfect for sharing with friends and family, or for keeping on hand as a fun and tasty treat. 

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