Gummy Worms Regular 5oz Bag

Gummy Worms Regular 5oz Bag

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When the craving strikes for the softest, fruitiest, most flavorful gummy worms crawling around candy land, you know you have to grab a bag of Trolli Squiggles! Prized for their texture and satisfying 'chew', Trolli gummy worms are also loved as they don't leave that lingering aftertaste some off-brand gummies are known to bring. Why settle for anything less than you and your taste buds deserve when Trolli gummy worms are so affordable?

  • 5 oz. of Trolli Squiggles in each peg bag
  • Approximately 17 gummy worms inside!
  • You can order these 24 hours a day - you don't have to be the early bird to catch these worms!
  • Made by Trolli

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