Trolli Evil Twins Gummy Candies 4.25oz Bag

Trolli Evil Twins Gummy Candies 4.25oz Bag

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Item Description

You can always count on Trolli gummies to be among the most inventively fresh on the market, and Trolli Evil Twins are a great example! Each piece of 'dual candy' features one sweet twin and one sour twin joined at the candy hip. You can tear them apart or eat them in one bite for sweet and sour candy at its fruity best!

  • Each bag of Trolli Evil Twins contains 4.24 oz. of sour gummy candy
  • Approximately 22 Trolli gummies in each peg pack
  • Flavors include: Angelic Orange, Mischievous Lime - Sweet Strawberry, Rowdy Blue Raspberry – Charming Cherry, Wicked Lemon
  • Made by Trolli

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