Tootsie Frooties 360ct Choose Flavor

Tootsie Frooties 360ct Choose Flavor

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We all love chocolate Tootsie Rolls, but these Tootsie Fruit Rolls are just as amazing! Known as Frooties, these bite sized snacks pack huge juicy flavor! Choose from a variety of flavors, including sour cherry, strawberry lemonade, cherry limeade, lemon lime, cranblueberry, green apple, chocolate, blue raspberry, cherry, grape, fruit punch, strawberry, watermelon, and passion fruit. Yummy! With so many fruit flavors, you know you will find your favorite flavor!

  • Each bag of Tootsie Frooties contains 360 individually wrapped Tootsie Rolls
  • Available in 20oz. mixed flavor bags
  • Great for kids!

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