Sweetarts 5oz Theater Size Candy

Sweetarts 5oz Theater Size Candy

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In the whole wide world of Wonka candy there is possibly no other so accurately named as SweeTarts! That said, there is also likely no other with such an often confused spelling. Whether you're looking for SweeTarts candy (the correct spelling!), Sweet Tarts candy, or even SweetTarts candy, chances are good this is it! The sweet and sour flavor of this tangy treat is most similar to Pixy Stix and Fun Dip, though SweeTarts are a touch more tangy than the others. If you like your candy to have a little sour kick, pucker up for SweeTarts!

  • 6 oz. theater size box
  • Flavors include: Cherry, Grape, Orange, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry
  • Made by Wonka, a division of Nestle

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