David Sunflower Seeds 12ct ; Regular; BBQ, or Ranch

David Sunflower Seeds 12ct ; Regular; BBQ, or Ranch

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Roasted, salted, and ready to dig into; tear a corner off a pouch of DAVID sunflower seeds and get ready for a satisfying snack! A popular treat at baseball games and beyond, DAVID's sunflower seeds have been a favorite for decades - a favorite that never gets old, no matter how old you might get! There's nothing quite like cracking open the shell and enjoying the richly-flavored seed inside to make you realize it's truly the small things in life.

  • Each box contains 12 bags of DAVID sunflower seeds
  • Each bag is filled with 1 5/8 oz. of seeds (46g)
  • Roasted and Salted for the ultimate flavor!
  • Available in: Regular (Original), Ranch and Bar-B-Q
  • Made by DAVID

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