Snickers Candy Bar 48ct

Snickers Candy Bar 48ct

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There's a good reason no one has ever questioned the slogan, "Snickers Satisfies." And that good reason is that it oh-so-does! There are other slogans as well, perhaps more than for any other candy bar, and that is likely because this wildly popular treat is loved by almost everyone. If you're looking to buy Snickers online, we're excited to offer many different sizes, including this box of Snickers stocked with 48 full size Snickers bars.

  • One of the best-selling candy bars ever!
  • 48 full size Snickers in each bulk box
  • Each Snickers bar is 2.07 oz. of Peanuts, Caramel, Chocolate and Nougat!
  • Made by Mars Chocolate

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