Shoe String Licorice Grape 2lb (100ct)

Shoe String Licorice Grape 2lb (100ct)

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They might not be as common as black laces and red laces, but grape licorice laces have quite a fan following all their own! Since grape Swedish Fish sadly disappeared from the candy scene years ago, grape candy lovers have looked to fill the void with other grape goodies, like these tasty laces. Also popular with those who can't get enough shoestring licorice, grape laces have more than proven their place in our laces lineup is well-deserved!

  • Each bag contains 2 lb. of grape shoestring licorice
  • Grape licorice laces are approximately 1 �  feet long
  • Serving size is 5 pieces - just 1g of fat per serving!
  • An average of 100 grape licorice laces in each bag
  • Made by Gustaf's (Gerrit J. Verburg Co.)

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