Pop Tarts 6pk - Choose Your Flavor

Pop Tarts 6pk - Choose Your Flavor

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A great on the go breakfast or sweet snack, Pop Tarts are a versatile treat! Each box has 6 packs of Pop Tarts with two per each package. Don't have a toaster to warm these up? Don't sweat! Each package is wrapped in a microwave friendly wrapper so you can warm them up. With the microwave friendly wrapper and a ready to go display box, these Pop Tarts make great concession snacks, bulk snack food for camp, or to keep your kids' favorite in stock in the pantry!

  • Box of bulk snack food weighs about 2lbs when shipped.
  • Flavors available include: Blueberry, Strawberry, S'mores, Hot Fudge, Brown Sugar, Chocolate Chip, and Cherry.
  • Need to order a lot of concession snacks on a budget? Visit our wholesale page to see how you can order wholesale chips and snacks for your stand!

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