PayDay Snack Size Candy Bars 11.6oz Bag

PayDay Snack Size Candy Bars 11.6oz Bag

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Cool Halloween candy doesn't have to be limited to spooky treats with skulls, bones, or ghosts. In fact, you can go for something that's so good it's scary! Enjoy a Halloween candy classic when you pick up a bag of snack-sized PayDay candy bars that are tough to resist. Be drawn in by the salty peanuts wrapped in rich caramel nougat. Go ahead and sneak one or two out of the bag before the trick-or-treaters come. We won't tell!

● Each 11.6 oz. bag is filled with fun size candy bars
● Delicious caramel nougat and crunchy peanuts make for a perfect snack
● Purchase this candy in bulk so that you have plenty to share with Halloweeners!

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