Nostalgic Candy from the '70s that's Still Popular Today

Jan 13th 2022

Ah, the 70’s! The decade that brought us bell-bottom pants, disco music, and All In The Family also introduced us to some unique candy that, believe it or not, is still around today! While candy manufacturers are constantly creating new confectionary delights for us to snack on, these way-out sweets from the “Me Decade” still satisfy our sugar cravings.
Let’s take a look at some of our favorites!
Charms Blow Pops
While lollipops were first introduced over a hundred years ago, the most famous pop didn’t arrive until 1973 when the Charms Candy Company introduced the Blow Pop. This lollipop features a candy shell wrapped around a delicious piece of bubble gum that we bet you can taste right now! How popular is this sweet treat? Charms says Blow Pops remains their best-selling item of all time.

Bottle Caps
Here’s a candy you either loved or hated. Bottle Caps came on the scene in 1972 and are considered a “tablet” candy that has their ingredients (aka sweet stuff) compressed into a custom shape. In the case of Bottle Caps, that shape was… well, a bottle cap! Similar to Smarties, Bottle Caps were originally sold in soda flavors with a bit of a fizz to them when you chewed them. Today, Bottle Caps are no longer cap-shaped but still come in cola, root beer, cherry, grape, and orange flavors you grew up with.

Pop Rocks
Ok, we know you heard the rumor about a kid named Mikey who starred in a cereal commercial and supposedly met an untimely demise due to Pop Rocks. That was way before the Internet was around to dispel crazy rumors! And no, nothing happened to the kid, but it did get all of us curious about these fizzing candies back in the ’70s and ’80s. Pop Rocks made their debut back in 1975 and were little rock-like candies that when placed in your mouth fizzed and popped and made all of us wonder just how they do it. Pop Rocks are still around today, just like Cher.

Everlasting Gobstopper
Willy Wonka turned us all on to the Everlasting Gobstopper in the hit movie back in 1971, but it took a few more years for the silver-screen candy to make its in-store debut. Everlasting Gobstoppers hit the shelves in 1976, although normal gobstoppers, or jawbreakers as some called them, were around for a while. But the Everlasting Gobstopper was special - it lasted longer than those other kinds and we flocked to the candy store to buy them by the sack full. And we still do today!

Let’s go back to 1978 when a delicious candy with a funny name was introduced - Whatchamacallit! This candy bar features a peanut butter crisp covered in chocolate that we all ran to the store to get just because it had a funny name. Well, it was new and we all like to try new stuff. Anyway, the Whatchamacallit bar never really got the attention it deserved and was one of those candy bars that continue to live in obscurity, but, are still made and enjoyed.

We hope you enjoyed this sweet trip down memory lane to reminisce about our favorite nostalgic candy from the 1970s!