Lerro Peanut Butter Easter Egg 8oz

Lerro Peanut Butter Easter Egg 8oz

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With a history as rich as the chocolate itself, Lerro Candy is among the few but fantastic family-owned companies still producing mouthwatering treats for us all to enjoy. And, enjoy them we do! Lerro’s peanut butter Easter eggs are adorably packaged in a festive window box, and topped with a sugary flower finishing touch. But Lerro Candy didn’t earn 100+ years in the business on looks alone! And one bite of their peanut butter Easter eggs will assure you that they deserve every ounce of their success.

  • Lerro’s candy eggs are delicious and oh-so-affordable!
  • Each of these peanut butter eggs is a full 1/2 pound (8 oz.)
  • Made in the USA by Lerro Candy Company

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