Laffy Taffy Strawberry 24 Count

Laffy Taffy Strawberry 24 Count

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Item Description

It tastes delicious and makes you laugh! This box of strawberry Laffy Taffy has 24 full sized bars of candy. Perfect as a buffet candy, concession candy, or as a way to surprise a loved one, this box of Laffy Taffy can pass on the jokes and strawberry taffy to everyone. This package of Laffy Taffy is also is a great addition to bulk candy for parades.

  • There are 24, full sized bars per box.
  • Box of Laffy Taffy in Bulk weighs around 3.5 pounds at shipping.
  • Need bulk candy for parades and events on a budget? See if you qualify for a wholesale order by visiting our Wholesale page.

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