Kollisions Licorice Bites 5lb Bag

Kollisions Licorice Bites 5lb Bag

Item #: 34589 Shipping Weight: 5.30 LBS
Item Description
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Item Description

These candies are the definition of fun. This twist on a retro candy licorice is a vibrant one! This five pound bag of Kollisions licorice bites is filled with different shape, sizes, designs and colors to get your sugar fix in a unique way. Use these novelty candy treats as dessert garnish, colorful candy buffet decorations, or as a colorful candy snack!

  • This licorice retro candy weighs about 5lbs, and has a shipping weight of 5.3 lbs.
  • Worried about your novelty candy melting? Add an ice pack at shipping.
  • Interested in buying this as wholesale candy? Visit our wholesale page for information on how to order.

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