Jolly Rancher Sugar Free Assorted 3.6oz Bag

Jolly Rancher Sugar Free Assorted 3.6oz Bag

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Item Description

All the sweetness without the sugar! Jolly Rancher sugar free candies are a flavorful treat that brings the juicy Jolly Rancher taste you love. Sugar free Jolly Ranchers prove that you don't need all that sugar to achieve mouthwatering, fruity fabulousness in your candy. Sometimes a sugar free Jolly Rancher is just the little pick-me-up your day needs, so be sure to keep a few in your purse, pocket, candy dish or desk!
  • 3.6 oz. peg bag
  • Approximately 24 individually wrapped candies
  • Assorted flavors include: Watermelon, Grape, Apple, Raspberry

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