Harley Quinn Mad Love Candy - 12ct

Harley Quinn Mad Love Candy - 12ct

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Welcome to the sweetest, most mischievous treat this side of Gotham City - Harley Quinn's Puddin' tin! This tin is packed with 1 ounce of tantalizingly sour cherry flavored mallet candy that will have your taste buds doing cartwheels of joy.

Every bite of this candy will transport you straight into the chaotic world of Harley Quinn, with its explosive flavor and addictive crunch. Perfect for sharing with friends or indulging in a moment of sweet rebellion all on your own.

But be warned, just like Harley's signature mallet, this candy is not to be taken lightly. With 12 tins packed in each display, you'll have plenty of opportunities to get your sugar fix and create some mayhem of your own. So go ahead, unleash your inner Harley and take a swing at this deliciously dangerous treat!

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