Gummi Sour Twin Cherries 2.2lb Bag

Gummi Sour Twin Cherries 2.2lb Bag

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The delicious sour cherry taste you love in gummy candy form! These Gummi Sour Twin Cherries are not only cute to look at and decorate candy crafts with, but they're just as delicious to eat. Each of these novelty candy treats has a sour bite to their cherry flavor. Each bag has approximately 65 sour cherries, so feel free to share or keep all to yourself!

  • Gummy candy bag weighs 2.2lbs and about 2.7 lbs at shipping.
  • Make sure your novelty candy doesn't melt! Be sure to add an ice pack at shipping.
  • Want to order gummy candy in bulk? Visit our Wholesale page for information on how to purchase candy in bulk.

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