Gummi Movie Candy Fun

Gummi Movie Candy Fun

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e.frutti has taken movie theater candy to a new level � a level that reminds us a bit of the film Inception! Not only is this among the best gummy candy to eat at the movies, but it is movie theater candy shaped like movie theater treats. Are you following? We know, it�s tricky! Inside each bag you�ll find the best gummy candy versions of your favorite snacks, including gummi colas, gummi pizza, gummi popcorn, gummi red licorice, gummi worms, and even a gummi hot dog. All are fabulously fruity and fresh, and the perfect complement to your favorite flick!
  • 2.7 oz. of candy in each pack
  • Fat Free and Peanut Free!
  • Made by e.frutti

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