Gummi Crocodiles 4.4lb Bag

Gummi Crocodiles 4.4lb Bag

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Have you been a gummy crocodiles hunter, searching the dark waters of the internet on a quest for gummy goodness in the shape of that fearsome reptile who fascinates us all? The time has come to rest your weary feet, dear traveler. It is you who will be giving your jaw a workout, and you don't have to go anywhere near the swamp to do so! These delicious Vidal gummies can be ordered right from the safety of your own home, and the only one chomping away will you be you!

  • 4.4 lbs. of gummy crocodiles in each bulk bag
  • Assorted colors, all with a white belly
  • Approximately 65 gummy crocodiles per bag
  • Made by Vidal Candies

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