Cotton Candy Fluffy Stuff 12ct

Cotton Candy Fluffy Stuff 12ct

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You don't have to wait for the carnival to come to town with fresh, delicious, pre packaged cotton candy from Charms! Fluffy Stuff cotton candy is made possible thanks to a revolutionary production and bag. While the flimsy, clear bag you get cotton candy in at the fair is fine for keeping it fresh for a short while, it doesn't protect it against the damaging elements. Ever leave a bag of cotton candy in the car on a hot, sunny day? You'll sadly come back to find a small, hard candy brick! But Charms Fluffy Stuff cotton candy is sealed in an air-tight, moisture-resistant pouch that keeps your candy safe until you're ready to eat it up. Needless to say, pre packaged cotton candy that's available year-round trumps that whole sliced bread thing for us. Toast is overrated!

  • (12) 1 oz. bags of Fluffy Stuff in each box
  • 3 traditional cotton candy flavors in each bag
  • Made by Charms, a Tootsie Roll Industries brand

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