Cracker Jack 1oz Box

Cracker Jack 1oz Box

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You know how Coca Cola tastes best from a glass bottle, and ice cream cones taste best at the beach? Well, Cracker Jacks taste best from a box, and these Cracker Jacks boxes prove it! The original and the best, inside each of these mini Cracker Jack boxes you'll find caramel coated popcorn, peanuts, and of course, a prize. While the prizes might not be as cool as they were when you were a kid, the excitement of shaking them out of the box is still alive and well! And that's our favorite part of Cracker Jacks boxes, in addition to the fresh, unparalleled taste, that is. We love that each box offers a quick tip to memories that we wouldn't trade for anything.

  • Wonder no longer where to buy Cracker Jacks - we also have them in bags!
  • Perfect for retro weddings, vintage themed birthday parties, and more
  • If you can finish a box without singing 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game', you have us beat!
  • Made by Frito-Lay

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