Cool Halloween Candy Craft: Candy Wreath

Oct 10th 2018

Halloween Candy Gift Tin | BlairCandy.comTeachers looking for fun Halloween decorations for their classrooms don't have to be limited to witches, goblins, and ghouls! Instead, you can turn cool Halloween candy into a craft that gives a friendly welcome to anyone who walks into your door!
Candy wreaths are a fun and festive way to celebrate the season without needing a ton of craft supplies. Simply gather together wrapped candies, a foam wreath, a hot glue gun, and ribbon and you've got all of the right ingredients for a Halloween decoration that's not scary but sweet!
To make your wreath, begin by gluing individually wrapped Halloween candies (gummies, fun size chocolate bars, and other packages all work well!) onto your foam wreath. You can alternate colors or candy types, use different candies in patterns, or choose just one candy type to make it uniform. Make sure to give each row of candies around your wreath enough time to set before adding more. Then, once your wreath is fully covered, use decorative ribbon to either wrap around your wreath or add a decorative bow flourish.
Hang in your window, doorway, or another area of your classroom where you'd like to see it displayed. It's that simple - and it's sure to get students talking!