Chocolate PEEPS are a Sweet Easter Candy Treat

Jan 26th 2022

Some people will say that PEEPS are the best thing to ever happen to Easter candy. So, does that mean that chocolate PEEPS are the best thing to happen to chocolate Easter candy?
We certainly think so.
But hold on!  We're not crazy... there actually are chocolate PEEPS and if you haven't tried the delicious mashup of marshmallow, chocolate, and your favorite Easter treat you don't know what you're missing.
If you're looking for the ultimate chocolate to PEEPS ratio, look no further than these milk chocolate dipped PEEPS.  A whole PEEP has been dipped in silky smooth, delicious chocolate that will leave you wanting more after just one bite.  Each one is individually packaged so they're perfect for putting in Easter baskets or handing out along the Easter parade route.

Now, if you're looking for a traditional Easter PEEP with just a touch of chocolate, we've got you covered!  PEEPS Delights are, well... delightful as they have the perfect balance of chocolate and marshmallow as just the bottom of the PEEP is dipped in that same delicious milk chocolate.

We know there may be a few of you out there who may not want a chocolate-dipped PEEP but want some of that chocolate flavor.  Don't fret - Chocolate Pudding PEEPS are here to save the day!  These marshmallow bunnies are chocolate flavored and sure to become one of your favorite PEEPS flavors pretty darn quick.

While we're talking chocolate in this article, we can't let you leave without reminding you that we have a full line of Easter PEEPS in other flavors such as Hot Tamale and even Cotton Candy in addition to the classic chicks and bunnies that have become synonymous with Easter.