Christmas Holiday Pez Dispenser & Refill Candy 12ct

Christmas Holiday Pez Dispenser & Refill Candy 12ct

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If your Christmas stocking was similar to mine, one if its highlights was always Christmas Pez dispensers! I couldn't wait to tear into that paper packet of Pez candy and fill up my reindeer, snowman, or Santa Pez dispenser. And if I was really lucky, there was more than one! Pez is the ultimate nostalgic candy - a perfect present topper or stocking stuffer that has stood the test of time, delighting children and adults alike. These are just as fun and affordable as they ever were, and a festive favorite for many that is as essential to the holidays as eggnog and Frosty the Snowman playing on TV.
  • 12 individually packaged Holiday Pez Dispensers in each box
  • Each Pez dispenser includes candy!
  • Made by PEZ Candy, Inc.

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