Bulk Nerds Candy is a Teacher’s Secret Weapon!

Jun 1st 2018

Bulk Nerds CandyThe school day can be a whole lot of fun when you have the right activities or lessons planned. But keeping things interesting can be a challenge. Luckily, we have a fun and yummy option for teachers who might want to spice things up with a sweet experiment or art project!
To start off, grab bulk Nerds candy to use in your classroom in one of these two exercises. Make sure to have extra on hand for your students to enjoy once the experiment is finished!
Inflate a Balloon Experiment: Grab 12 oz. bottles of soda, bulk Nerds candy, and balloons. Pour some of the Nerds candy into the balloon. Play with varying amounts of Nerds in each balloon to gauge different reactions. Next, attach the balloons to soda bottles. Don’t let any of the candy spill into the soda - yet. Then, when you’re ready, tip the balloon so that the candy falls out of the balloon and into the soda. It’ll produce a reaction that will inflate the balloons. See how big each balloon gets in relation to the amount of candy you put in!
Painting with Candy: separate your Nerds candy by color and place some into separated paper cups or water glasses. Fill with a little bit of water and let the outer coating of the candy dissolve and color the water to make a sort of watercolor paint. From there, use paintbrushes to dip into the color and create your masterpiece! Let dry fully before displaying.
And of course, after these projects, enjoy a handful (or two!) of Nerds with your class.