Top 5 Ways to Celebrate National Candy Month in June

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate National Candy Month in June

Apr 30th 2024

June is almost here, and that means it's time to polish up your sweet tooth and get ready for some sugary fun! National Candy Month is a glorious celebration of all things delightful and delicious, and Blair Candy is here to help you make the most of it.  We kinda call it "our month," as for the past 85 years our family has been in the candy business!

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So, ditch the diet (for a month, at least) and jump into these five amazing ways to embrace your inner child and truly celebrate National Candy Month like a pro:

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate National Candy Month

  1. Become a Candy Connoisseur: National Candy Month is the perfect excuse to explore the vast and wonderful world of candy! Blair Candy is home of to a treasure trove of treats, both classic and new. Take a stroll down our virtual aisles and rediscover your childhood favorites in our nostalgic candy department. Did you love SweeTarts as a kid? We've got them! Maybe you were a Nerds fanatic? Fear not, friend, for they await! But don't stop there! Venture out of your comfort zone and try something new. Pick up a bag of super sour gummy candy or try some freeze-dried candy for a unique treat you've never had before. Expand your candy horizons and discover your new favorite sweet sensation!
  2. Host a Candy-Themed Party: Gather your friends and family for a night of pure, unadulterated fun! Deck out your place with streamers, balloons, and anything else that screams "candyland." Plan some fun games that involve some of our crazy TikTok candy, and create videos making you and your friends the next TikTok sensation! For food, create a candy buffet with a variety of our wrapped and unwrapped bulk candy, or get creative and whip up some delicious candy-inspired dishes like chocolate chip cookies or ice cream sundaes with delicious candy toppings. 
  3. Have a Movie Marathon with Candy Pairings: Pick your favorite candy movies (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, anyone?) and pass out theater size candy boxes. For example, pair a box of Milk Duds with "Raiders of the Lost Ark" or some Swedish Fish with "Jaws." This is a fun and unique way to experience your favorite movies and discover new candy combinations and bring the movie theater vibe to your home with candy boxes straight out of the concession stand.
  4. Give the Gift of Sweetness: Spread the National Candy Month cheer by gifting the gift of candy! Create a custom candy basket filled with their favorites from Blair Candy. For adults, consider a box of nostalgic candies that will take them back to their childhood. 
  5. Hold a Candy Scavenger Hunt: Turn your neighborhood or park into a sugar-coated wonderland with a candy scavenger hunt! After all, why wait until next year's Easter Egg hunt, have one now!  Hide clues around the designated area, each leading to a different candy stash. This is a fantastic activity for kids (and adults who are young at heart) and a great way to get some exercise while enjoying some delicious treats. Just be sure to dispose of any candy wrappers properly!

Stay Tune for More National Candy Month Fun

We've got some exciting things planned for National Candy month that just so happens to coincide with our 85th birthday!  Talk about a sweet way to celebrate.  So while we get ready to start our 86th year, we encourage you to find your own ways to celebrate candy month with your family.  And be sure to stay tuned for some sweet surprises!