The Spirited History of Halloween Parades and the Best Candies to Toss!

The Spirited History of Halloween Parades and the Best Candies to Toss!

Aug 24th 2023

Ah, Halloween! That spooky time of year when ghouls, witches, and superheroes walk among us, seeking the sweet taste of candy. While Halloween is a much-anticipated festivity, one tradition stands out: The Halloween Parade! Let's take a bewitching ride down memory lane to uncover the history of Halloween parades and spotlight the top candies perfect for those trick-or-treat bags.

A Brief History of Halloween Parades

Long before pumpkin-spiced lattes and zombie costumes took over, Halloween was a Celtic festival called Samhain. It marked the end of harvest and the beginning of winter - a time when the boundary between the living and the dead became a little blurry. To ward off wandering spirits, the Celts would light bonfires and wear costumes.

Fast forward a bit, and as the tradition traveled, it underwent various transformations. In the 20th century, the United States saw the birth of community Halloween parades. These parades became venues for people to showcase their creativity and join in communal celebrations. The Anoka Halloween Parade in Minnesota, dating back to 1920, proudly claims the title of the "Halloween Capital of the World." From small towns to big cities, Halloween parades have become an annual tradition that brings communities together in a fun, festive spirit.

Now, no Halloween parade would be complete without... you guessed it, CANDY! With candy being handed out and placed into eagerly waiting trick-or-treat bags, it's crucial to pick the right treats. Here are the top picks perfect for this year's Halloween parade:

Milk Chocolate M&M's… one of our favorite chocolate candies is perfect for handing out at Halloween. Individually wrapped, these fun size packs of M&M's are easy to toss and sure to be a favorite among all candy hunters. The fusion of sweet milk chocolate and crisp candy shell makes for a delightful treat!

Milk Chocolate M&M's

Smarties Halloween Candy - A classic never goes out of style! Smarties have been a parade staple for ages. These tangy, tablet-shaped candies are individually wrapped and come in an array of colors. Kids love 'em, and let's be honest, adults sneak a few for themselves too.

Smarties Candy

Halloween Popcorn Balls - Talk about a spooky spin on a classic treat! These popcorn balls are not just popcorn; they're a magical mix of sweetness, making them perfect for Halloween. They're sizable, so they'll stand out in any candy loot. Plus, they’re individually wrapped for convenience and freshness.

Halloween Popcorn Balls

Tootsie Roll Midgees - Tootsie Rolls have danced their way into our hearts (and mouths) for decades. These chewy chocolate candies are timeless, and the Midgees size is perfect for tossing into the crowd. Soft, sweet, and oh-so-chocolaty, they'll be a hit!

Tootsie Rolls

Dubble Bubble Halloween Gumballs - Bubble gum, anyone? Add some pop to your parade with these vibrant Halloween-themed gumballs. Individually wrapped and in spooky themes like slime ball, pumpkin seedlings, Count Dracula, and horror eyes, they are not only tasty but also add a playful touch to any candy collection.

Dubble Bubble

Wrapping it up... Halloween parades capture the essence of community and festivity. And like any parade, the candy makes it sweeter (literally!). This year, as you gear up for your local parade or perhaps host one in your backyard, make sure to stock up on our top Halloween Parade Candy. They're perfect for tossing, delightful to eat, and sure to bring joyous shrieks of "Trick or Treat!"