The Irresistible Charm of Salt Water Taffy

The Irresistible Charm of Salt Water Taffy

May 10th 2023

Salt water taffy, the nostalgic and iconic treat, brings to mind the sweet taste of summer and fond memories of strolling along the boardwalk. This chewy confectionery has a rich history and continues to delight people all over the United States. Even if you're miles away from the nearest boardwalk, Blair Candy offers a delicious selection of salt water taffy flavors to transport you to those sun-soaked shores.

A Brief History of Salt Water Taffy

The origin of salt water taffy dates back to the late 19th century in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The name "salt water taffy" is somewhat misleading, as the candy does not actually contain salt water. The story goes that a candy store owner named David Bradley had his stock of taffy drenched in ocean water during a flood, and a young girl mistakenly asked for "salt water taffy" when she wanted to buy some. The name stuck, and the delicious candy has been a staple of American boardwalks ever since.

Thanks to its unique texture and delightful flavors, salt water taffy gained widespread popularity, and candy makers began experimenting with various ingredients and techniques to create the perfect treat. Today, salt water taffy is enjoyed by people of all ages, and it has become a symbol of summertime happiness.

We Bring Salt Water Taffy to Everyone!

You don't need to be near a boardwalk to enjoy the sweet taste of salt water taffy. Blair Candy makes it possible for people all over the country to savor this delightful treat. With a wide variety of flavors and special editions available for holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

When it comes to choosing your favorite flavor of salt water taffy, there's no doubt two are very popular:

Vanilla: Sometimes, the simple pleasures are the most satisfying. Sweet's vanilla salt water taffy is a perfect example of this. Smooth, creamy, and subtly sweet, vanilla taffy is a timeless favorite for many. The classic taste of this soft and chewy confection transports you back to childhood summers spent enjoying the delights of the boardwalk. Each bite is a reminder of the carefree days of youth and an invitation to indulge in the sweetness of the present moment.

Peppermint: For those who crave a refreshing burst of flavor, Sweet's peppermint salt water taffy is an excellent choice. This cool and invigorating treat combines the perfect balance of sweetness and minty freshness. Each piece is a delightful surprise, as the chewy taffy texture meets the crisp, clean taste of peppermint. Ideal for enjoying on a hot summer day, this flavor adds a touch of exhilaration to your taffy experience.

But, if you're like us, you want to enjoy all the different flavors of salt water taffy, right?  That's why Sweet's assorted salt water taffy flavors is the perfect solution. With a colorful mix of mouthwatering flavors, this assortment allows you to indulge in a full spectrum of delectable tastes. From fruity favorites to rich, creamy delights, this selection ensures that there's something for everyone to enjoy. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a delicious exploration of flavors, all wrapped up in one delightful bag.

Red, White, and Blue Taffy for Patriotic Holidays

To make holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July even more special, Blair Candy offers red, white, and blue Sweet's salt water taffy. This patriotic assortment adds a touch of festive charm to your celebrations, while also delivering the same beloved taste and texture of classic salt water taffy. Share the joy of this American classic with friends and family as you gather to celebrate the nation's history and traditions. The red, white, and blue taffy not only makes for a delicious treat but also serves as a delightful centerpiece or party favor, adding a touch of nostalgia and whimsy to your patriotic gatherings.

Salt water taffy is a beloved American confection that continues to capture the hearts and taste buds of people across the country. With Blair Candy's wide selection of flavors, including vanilla, peppermint, and assorted options, as well as the special red, white, and blue taffy for patriotic holidays, there's never been a better time to indulge in this classic treat.

Whether you're reminiscing about past summers spent on the boardwalk or simply craving a taste of nostalgia, Blair Candy's salt water taffy is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Enjoy this chewy, flavorful, and iconic candy with your loved ones, and let the delicious taste of salt water taffy transport you to a world of sun, sand, and endless summer days.