How to Make Money at Your Concession Stand This Summer

How to Make Money at Your Concession Stand This Summer

Mar 28th 2024

Summer is here, and that means baseball and softball fields are buzzing and the sweet aroma of concession stand treats fills the air. If you're part of an organization running a concession stand, you know it can be a goldmine for fundraising – but with the right strategy, of course! We're talking about turning those candy sales into a homerun.

So, ditch the stress and grab your candy scoop, because this blog post is your one-stop shop for concession stand success. We'll cover everything from picking the hottest candy to keeping your customers coming back for seconds (and thirds!). Let's dive in and make that cash register sing a sweet summer tune!

The All-Star Lineup: Choosing Your Concession Candy

The key to concession stand profits lies in your candy selection. Just like a baseball team needs a balanced lineup, your candy selection should offer something for everyone. Think variety, popularity, and of course, profit margin! Here are some concession candy classics guaranteed to be a hit with your summer crowds:

  • The Classics Never Strike Out: These are the candy MVPs you can always rely on. Think nostalgic candy like licorice, gummy bears, and everyone's favorite chocolate bars. Consider stocking a variety of price points within these categories to cater to different budgets. For example, offer both single serve packs of gummy bears along with larger size bags the whole family can share in the stands.
  • Seasonal Swings: Take advantage of the warm weather with refreshing candy options! Fruity candies, lollipops, and even the wildly popular gel candy can be a delightful summer treat. Plus, you can really up the fun factor with seasonal shapes and colors. Think watermelon slices for summer or red, white, and blue candy for July 4th!

Pro Tip: When browsing our huge candy selection, keep an eye out for "bulk" options. Buying candy in bulk can significantly increase your profit margin, so it's definitely worth considering, especially for your most popular items.

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Beyond the Basics: Concession Stand Strategies for Sweet Success

Now that you've got your candy lineup in order, let's explore some additional strategies to maximize your concession stand profits all summer long:

  • Presentation is Key: Don't underestimate the power of visual appeal! Use clear containers, colorful displays, and fun signage to draw customers in. 
  • Pricing for Profits: Strike a balance between affordability and profitability when setting your candy prices. Consider the cost of the candy itself, the average concession stand price for similar items, and your target audience.
  • Promotional Power: Get creative with promotions! Bundle deals (buy two, get one free!), happy hour discounts, or even a "mystery bag" filled with random candies can all generate excitement and increase sales.

Pro Tip: Consider offering contactless payment options like Apple Pay or Google Pay to streamline the checkout process and keep lines moving.

The Final Inning: Keeping Your Inventory Stocked

Nobody likes a concession stand with a "sold out" sign on their favorite candy! Here are some tips for optimal inventory management:

  • Track Your Sales: Keep a record of your most popular candy items to ensure you have enough stock on hand, especially during peak times.
  • Reorder Early: Don't wait until you're completely out to restock. While we offer fast turn-around, shipping delays can happen while orders are in transit, so be sure to plan ahead.
  • Consider Bulk Purchases: As mentioned earlier, buying candy in bulk from a wholesaler like Blair Candy can significantly reduce your costs. However, only do this for items you know will sell well.

By following these tips and strategies, your concession stand is sure to be a summer success story! Remember, it's all about offering a variety of candy, keeping your customers happy, and working together as a team. With a little planning and a lot of enthusiasm, your concession stand will be a sweet spot for summer fun and fundraising! 

We've been helping organizations make money from their concession stands for 85 years and we're here to help you!  From bulk buying, our low-minimum wholesale program, and a friendly customer service staff who can help you pick the right candy to sell at your stand, we're the concession candy experts!  Contact us today to plan for concession success.