A Nostalgic Look at Bubble Gum Cigars for Baby Celebrations

A Nostalgic Look at Bubble Gum Cigars for Baby Celebrations

May 6th 2024

There's a new arrival in town! Cigars are passed around, celebratory drinks are poured... wait, cigars for a baby? Hold on, this isn't your grandpa's celebration. We're talking about a sweeter, chewier kind of smoke – bubble gum cigars! Today at Blair Candy, we're taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane to explore the history of these baby announcement treats.

From Penny Candy to Proud Parents:

Believe it or not, bubble gum cigars weren't always associated with the birth of a baby. Their story takes us back to the 1940s and 50s, a time when penny candy ruled the roost and kids would hurry to the corner store to fill paper bags up with sweet treats.  Back then, cigars were a symbol of celebration. While we certainly wouldn't want to put anything resembling tobacco near a baby, the idea of a celebratory "smoke" was "born." The bubble gum cigar quickly became a safe, sweet way for parents to share their joy with friends and family. 

Bubble gum cigars weren't anything fancy.  Along with the colors pink and blue, they were often made in other bright colors to attract attention in counter display cases. Flavors were classic fruits like grape or cherry. The focus wasn't on replicating a real cigar, but on offering a fun, chewable treat that marked a special occasion.

Bubble Gum Cigars

A Fading Tradition, But a Fond Memory:

As times changed, so did candy trends. Bubble gum cigars slowly faded from the mainstream, replaced by more modern treats. However, for those who grew up in that era, they hold a special place in their hearts. They evoke memories of baby showers, welcoming new siblings, and the sheer joy of a simple candy.

Bringing Back the Fun:

Here at Blair Candy, we believe in celebrating classic nostalgic candy. While you might not see bubble gum cigars everywhere anymore... we have them!   So, the next time you have a baby shower or a newborn to celebrate, why not consider adding a touch of nostalgia? Pink and blue bubble gum cigars are guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

It's A Boy Bubble Gum Cigars

It's A Girl Bubble Gum Cigars

Whether you remember bubble gum cigars from your own childhood or are just learning about this delightful candy tradition for the first time, we hope you've enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. At Blair Candy, we celebrate all things sweet, nostalgic, and fun. So, the next time you're looking for a unique way to celebrate a new arrival, consider a bubble gum cigar – a sweet twist on a classic tradition!