Can Of Ball Park Treats

Can Of Ball Park Treats

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Among our favorite gifts for baseball lovers, these are flying out of our warehouse faster than a batter runs to first base! Stuffed with baseball themed candy and snacks, the Can of Ball Park Treats will satisfy your every spring craving. A delightful day of ballpark fun all packed into one place, these put the 'can' in 'we can't wait to send yours!" And trust us-there's no 'fouls' in this assortment of baseball themed candy. This was crafted from carefully-selected, handpicked fan favorites!

  • These make great gifts for baseball lovers, or prizes for a raffle or fundraiser!
  • Packed with over 55 of your favorite ball park treats!  Baseball gum, peanuts, cracker jacks, jerky, gummy hot dogs and burgers, lollipops, baseball cards, and more!
  • Exclusive to Blair Candy, we make these right here in our warehouse for the freshest assortment possible!

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