Clear Toy Candy 8oz Tub

Clear Toy Candy 8oz Tub

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Plantation Old Fashion Clear candy toys. The sweetest, tastiest toys under the tree, clear toy candy is a clear Christmas winner! A nostalgic Christmas candy favorite that is a traditional treat for many, the subtle sweetness of sugar candy is easy to enjoy, and impossible to duplicate.
Breakage during shipment may occur. These are very delicate and rattle around inside their container during shipment, but we promise the candy will taste just as terrific!
  • 8 ounce tub of assorted sugar toy candy
  • Clear Toy candy is sold by weight as the different shapes and sizes make the total piece count vary. Could be anywhere from 10 to 12 pieces. The manufacturer calls this barley clear toy candy, but barley sugar is not listed as a ingredient
  • Made in the USA

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