Atomic Fireballs Bulk Bag 210 Count (3.75lbs)

Atomic Fireballs Bulk Bag 210 Count (3.75lbs)

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Atomic Fireballs candy has been delighting fans of cinnamon candy since 1954, making it a nostalgic candy favorite that is just as loved by kids of today! A jawbreaker candy with a red exterior and white interior, these are a long-lasting candy whose spicy cinnamon taste isn't immediately realized. Leave it on your tongue for a few seconds and you'll see why they are called Fireballs! Creating Fireballs candy is more complex than you might think, with each being made up of at least 100 layers. Pretty cool, right? Or perhaps we should say pretty hot!
  • 210 individually wrapped Atomic Fireballs per bag
  • Made by Ferrara Candy Company

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