Almond Joy Candy Bar 36ct

Almond Joy Candy Bar 36ct

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The Almond Joy candy bar is coming up on its 70th birthday, and it's just as tasty and terrific now as it ever was! Not quite as old as the Mounds bar- which is approaching 100!- many of us have learned from that oh-so-catchy jingle that the Almond Joy is for those times we "feel like a nut." Let's just say that most of us at Blair Candy enjoy more than our fair share of Almond Joy candy bars! Luckily these are part of our bulk candy bars selection, so there's plenty for all the other nuts out there, too!

  • This bulk candy bars box contains 36 full-size Almond Joy candy bars
  • Each bar is 1.61 oz.
  • The Almond Joy candy bar features coconut and almonds wrapped in Hershey's milk chocolate
  • Browse our full selection of bulk candy bars for all your favorites!

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