5th Ave Candy Bar 18ct

5th Ave Candy Bar 18ct

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With a crunch similar to that of a Butterfinger, but a flavor all its decadently delicious own, when one has a craving for a 5th Avenue candy bar, there's simply no substitute! The Fifth Avenue candy bar has become a bit harder to find over the years, and I know I'm not the only one who wonders why. Not only are they addictively tasty, but there's really nothing else quite like them. While their composition is simple enough - a peanut butter crunch wrapped in Hershey's milk chocolate - the flavor is anything but boring. And kids and adults both love them! Yep – 5th Avenue chocolate bars are fairly perfect.

  • 18 5th Avenue candy bars in each box (36 oz.)
  • Each Fifth Avenue candy bar is a generous 2 oz.
  • Hershey's used to package these bulk candy bars in 36 ct. boxes but have changed to 18 ct. boxes

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