3 Gummy Candy Treats to Try!

Mar 17th 2017

Gummy Candy | BlairCandy.comWith the amount of gummy candy that is on BlairCandy.com, the possibilities can seem endless. While we highly encourage you to stock up on your favorites from time to time, throw in a new candy to try something different. These are a few that we love and we think you might too:
Trolli Dip’n Crawlers take your favorite dipping candy and give them a sour gummy twist! Each pack contains the gummy worms we all know and love along with a cup of sour sugar.
Haribo Twin Snakes give you both sweet and sour flavors all in the same bag. You never know what you’re going to get with each snake.
Strawberry is a pretty great flavor, but Sour Patch only made it better! Try these Sour Patch Strawberries for sweetness with a kick!
Add a little sour bite to your day. Try these and other sweet gummy candy treats at BlairCandy.com.