Boxed Chocolates Selections


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 Boxed Chocolates Selections

Boxed chocolates have a special place at Christmas time. It’s unlike any other Christmas candy in bulk in that it’s quieter and more subtle. These kinds of chocolates don’t seek attention. They sit there softly in their boxes, just waiting for you discover the magic of their assorted varieties. Gardner’s assorted chocolates, for example, are a perfect old-fashioned Christmas candy. They’re made of delicious chocolate covering nuts, mints, creams, and caramels. Positively yummy! Other Christmas chocolate boxes include Asher’s chocolate peanut butter trees and milk and dark assorted chocolates. The variety goes on and on!

And for those who adore Hershey holiday candy, we’ve got the goods: a gigantic 3-pound milk chocolate Hershey bar and large Reese’s Pieces-filled Reese’s Cups! This is classic Hershey holiday candy. How could you go wrong there?

Before the Christmas rush really sets in, keep browsing boxed Christmas chocolate from Blair Candy!