Halloween Mummy Munchies 56oz Bag

Halloween Mummy Munchies 56oz Bag

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Item Description

It might not seem obvious, but every mummy loves chocolate! Or at least, every trick-or-treater does.

Palmer is giving us a spooktacular Halloween candy mix in the form of these Halloween Mummy Munchies! Inside, 100 pieces of chocolate fill this 56 oz. bag to the top. The variety includes:

- Fudge-Filled Boos

- Double Crisp Skulls

- Chocolatey Plumpkin Pals

- Double Crisp Googly Eyes

- Peanut Butter Cups

In addition to handing these out on Halloween night, they are great to set out at a party or to keep around in the classroom. Shop now at BlairCandy.com!

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