Gingerbread House Candy Selections


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Gingerbread House Candy Selections

So you'll be pretty busy this holiday season, shopping for gifts, decorating the house, planning your dinner. Why not take some down time to make your own edible gingerbread house? We've got Christmas candy in bulk like you wouldn't believe, so start stocking up on supplies now!

What do you need? A gingerbread cottage kit from Wonka, for one thing. Then you'll need to decorate your house. For that, check out all our candy in bulk, including Lemonheads candy canes, Frosty Nerds, Brach's peppermint Christmas nougats, and Gobstopper snowballs, to name a few! And don't forget to give your gingerbread house an even sweeter touch with some absolutely scrumptious Reese's Christmas candy, such as Peanut Butter Cups in Christmas-colored wrappers. There's really nothing like building your own gingerbread house to make the holiday season truly wonderful.

We have tons of candy decoration options for you to use. Don't forget to photograph your house for posterity before settling down to eat everything you just made! Gingerbread houses make touching holiday memories.

Check out all of our Christmas bulk candy this season!