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Watch the game and chow down with our selection of football candy and snacks! Blair Candy has a huge selection of sports candy favorites that are sure to be hit with the fans in your house. If they like something sweet, we recommend chocolate footballs , beer flavored Jelly Belly's, or football helmet jaw breakers. Our chocolate footballs are so popular they made it into Everyday with Rachel Ray! Or, if they're looking for something a little more savory, get beer nuts, in shell peanuts, or sunflower seeds to satisfy hunger and get back to the game.

Want to order football candy in larger, wholesale amounts? Visit our Wholesale page to see how your order could qualify. We've been a wholesale candy supplier specializing in bulk candy, concession supplies, and sports candy for over 75 years, so we have what you need for a great game. Shop now and score a touchdown with Blair Candy!